Maybe it’s just me being a Brewers fan but I think the whole biogenesis thing is total BS. Ryan Braun is only guilty of one thing and that is being stupid. He should’ve never gone to Anthony Bosch.  The only reason Braun’s test came up positive was that the idiot collector left the urine sample in his basement for almost three days. That’s like saying if you leave a jug of milk out on the counter for a week it won’t get spoiled. The sample collector should be fired from his job and Braun should file a law suit against him. Also Bud Selig needs to get of his throne and realize that he isn’t the king of baseball. He’s always has had a grudge against Braun. He’s been looking to screw the Brewers ever since he left and became the commissioner.

Bud Selig

2014. The year that Bud Selig will finally retire. That’s right I said finally retire. I think that Selig was a terrible commissioner. When he was owner of the Brewers he was known to complain the whole game up in his suite. Back when Prince Fielder was with the Brewers and he was getting hit with pitches what seemed like 3 times a night Selig did nothing. He could’ve suspended the pitchers but he decided not to. After Bonds and McGwire retired he could’ve banned them for using steroids but he again chose not to do anything. I’m grateful that he brought baseball back to Milwaukee but once he became commissioner it seemed that he let the power go to his head  

Ryan Braun

Although I am a Brewers fan I’ve been trying to look at the Ryan Braun situation from a non biased point of view. Last year his urine sample was left out sitting on a desk in a guy’s basement, and then decided to deliver the sample three days late. He then said that there wasn’t a UPS or a FedEx near Miller Park. There is a UPS three blocks from Miller Park. Now this offseason Braun’s name was found in a notebook at the Biogenesis clinic in Miami. When it first happened everybody said that Braun was going to get suspended. A couple of weeks and nothing happened. Now many sources have said that the MLB was going into this investigation full boar. Braun shouldn’t be suspended because he has never been convicted of steroids and just because his name was in a notebook it doesn’t mean that he bought steroids.

Opening Day

The time of year has come again. It’s Opening Day. Baseball is back, only a few weeks left of school. You gotta love the fact that you could skip school or work and watch a day of baseball